Just need a quick spec check please

Hi there,

Looking to build a new PC here this week, and just came up with what I am about to post. My price range is flexible, though I am happy with where its at, I can go up a little if its worth it, or down a little if the cost out weighs performance. Just looking for a little feedback, thanks!

Note: I will primarily use this PC for gaming but I also do 3d / photoshop work. I was going to go with 6 gb of RAM (esp useful for multitasking / 3d work) but the 8gb setup was a small amount more, I think about $30, so I went ahead with it. It may be overkill but for the cost difference I was okay with it.)














PSU - I think I went way above what I nee dhere, but I wanted to be sure I could add stuff on later.


Any thoughts, concerns, objections, marriage proposals?
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  1. Some things I didnt note: Right now all the hardware is hovering around $1500-1600, with my case i want its at a total of 1730. I dont really want to go much higher then that and if I can go lower, thats always a plus. But I dont want to lose much performance in doing so, if any. Thanks

    Keep forgetting details.. sorry lol.

    I do not intend to OC, though I guess it could be possible later on, its not my intentions and its the least of my concerns.

    I was hoping to get a PC this week.

    I am really up for opinions on this or suggestions for a better setup overall, I am pretty flexible.
  2. One major issue... You have DDR2 memory where the i7 920 requires DDR3 memory. I would recommend this RAM... G.SKILL PI DDR3 1600 Cas7

    I like this MOBO a little better due to the better PCI-e spacing/layout... ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

    I'm not a fan of Rosewill PSU's and would recommend going with either an Antec EA750 or Corsair TX750, which both have plenty of power for your system. The PSU is the last thing you want to skimp on in your system.
  3. Thanks the headsup on the RAM, Thats what happens when you try and get in a hurry, glad I stopped rushing it. I thought I picked out DDR3, thats my bad. Thanks.
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