Best graphics card for 845WN motherboard and P4

Hi All,

I've P4 1.7Ghz and intel 845wn motherboard. which is the best graphics card suitable for this board?

Currently having Nvidia Riva TNT model 64 card. Its not working properly. Getting "Sync out of

range" error.

thanks a lot. This is urgent.

Ganesan G
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  1. maybe HD 4870 AGP version is suitable, since your system is old...
  2. no need for new card, just boot up in safe mode, and lower the refresh freq down to 60 if on LCD or something lil higher for CRT monitor
  3. ^+1
    try as kari said... :)
  4. Kari said:
    no need for new card, just boot up in safe mode, and lower the refresh freq down to 60 if on LCD or something lil higher for CRT monitor

    Sure.. I'll try and update you.. thanks for the tip..
  5. Hi,

    Sorry. am not getting any display in the monitor to login as safe mode. I can hear a long and two short beep sound. Any issue in the mother board? How to find whether its a board issue or AGP card issue?

  6. try reseated the ram, if u have more than one then try it on one by one each of them...
  7. Hi wa1,

    I tried already.. but :( .. Anyway i will test both RAM and AGP card in any of the service center. Incase if AGP is not working, could you please suggest some good AGP card for this model which is available in the market now? I prefer an ATI radeon card.

    One more question - Can I use PCI Express card in the normal PCI slot? rather than going for AGP card.

    Thanks for ur patience and reply.
  8. Best answer
    no, u can't use a PCI-E card on PCI slot... :)
    if u want an AGP card then HD 4670 AGP version will good...
    just make sure your old card is defective or not...
  9. Thanks a lot.. I will check that..
  10. if you still have the mobos manual around you could check what those error beeps mean...

    edit: found it online
    The BIOS also issues a beep code (one long tone
    followed by two short tones) during POST if the video configuration fails (a faulty video card or
    no card installed) or if an external ROM module does not properly checksum to zero.

    so that points to faulty card or some other failure that prevents the card working right......

    edit2: though the 'out of range' error message still means the monitor is getting a signal with too high refresh frequency, or at least it thinks so... but if this was driver/settings related, there should be picture during bootup, which there isn't...
  11. Hi All,

    Ya its a problem with my AGP graphics card. I had purchased ATI PCI VGA card as I planning to buy a laptop, didn't invest on AGP card. Its working fine now.

    Thanks a lot for all ur reply. It was very helpful.
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