AM2+ cpu ---> AM3 Socket

Will an AM2+ Phenom II x4 cpu fit in a AM3 socket? Its much easier to find AM3 boards now, but the AM3 cpus are quite a bit more expensive than the AM2+.
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  1. am3 cpu will work in am2+ board but am2+cpu wont work in am3 board
  2. There's a AM2+ Phenom II X4?
  3. Alright thanks, makes sense
  4. The reason AM2+ CPUs don't work in AM3 sockets while AM3 CPU's Do work in the AM2+ socket is the memory controller. AM3 CPU's have an on-die DDR3 memory controller, that can also handle DDR2. AM2+ CPU's memory controllers can only handle DDR2, thus making it incompatible with the AM3 socket- plus AM2+ CPU's won't fit into the AM3 socket because they have 2 extra pins compared to the AM3
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