Please help, new parts but computer still won't power on!

Ok, here's the deal. During the summer of 09 I got my first BSOD on my gaming rig, not knowing BSOD gave an error message my dumb ass closed it down. If I had stop to read the error message I probably could have saved myself a whole lot of time and a whole lot more frustration, becasue the computer wouldn't turn on after that. Since this is my first build I didn't really have the parts to start troubleshooting the issue so I started to RMA my computer peice by peice. Started with the graphics card since the original problem was I would get power but no video signal to my monitor. Grapihcs card came back but when I hooked everything back up the computer wouldn't start at all. Sent my PSU out for an RMA but never got it back. (F*** YOU, TUNIQ!) Contacted Newegg and they contacted Tuniq on my behalf after Tuniq stopped answering my e-mails completely, but they havn't even responded to them. I went and bought a new power supply because I had just got fed up with the entire thing (still have not received my power supply OR compensation from either newegg or tuniq.) Put my new power supply in but no dice, wouldn't start up. Really at wits end I took it to a local shop to see what the problem was. The guy I took it to, however, didn't have any AMD boards so he couldn't test my CPU, but both he and I highly doubted my CPU was the culprit who wouldn't let my PC boot up. He tested just about everything eslse, including the case switch, and said it was my motherboard. He couldn't replace my motherboard because he doesn't stock parts, so he handed it back to me and I gave him the 25 dollar fee he charged for taking a look at it. Bought a new motherboard (brand new out of pocket expense part number two) and still no dice. New PSU, new GPU, new Mobo, computer still won't start. However now the green power LED on my motherboard is lighting up but when I push my power button nothing happens, no drives spin, no fans move, just dead silence. No pins on my CPU appear to be bent, and everything really seems to be in order and I'm just at wits end here as to what it could be. I just want to play games again...

Now that you've read my sob story novel here are my specs:

Visiontek HD 4870, 512mb of VRAM -Graphics Card

4gb of G.Skill RAM, 2x 2gb, PC8500, DDR2 1066 -RAM

AMD Phenom 9850 BLACK EDITION 2.5GHz Socket AM2+ -CPU

Corsair 850HX 850W -PSU

Foxconn A7DA-S AM2+/AM2 AMD 790GX -Motherboard
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  1. Well a bump and an update here, tried disconnectin my hard drive and optical drives and just running with my 24 pin and 8 pin attached to the mobo and the two 6 pins attached to my video card, no dice. tried the same thing with just one ram stick in, still nothing. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Well I RMA'd my CPU and ordered a hard drive with my thermal paste since I didn't have any on hand, so now the new parts in my computer are the CPU, PSU, GPU, Motherboard, and hard drive. Still won't power on. I tried connecting the cable for my reset switch onto the port for the power switch on the motherboard to see if the computer could be started with the reset switch, but I was unsuccessful. Upon calling the guy who I asked to 'fix' my computer and now he's telling me he DIDN'T test the switch on my case. I asked him what he did test, and he said he only got as far as my PSU. Angry and annoyed, I hung up and tried to 'jump' the PC if you will by connecting the two pins for the power switch with a phillips head screwdriver, but still nothing happened. I'm getting power, the LED is on, but still nothing is turning on. Could it be my ram? This is literally the only other piece of major hardware in my computer that isn't new. PC has been out of commission and in an RMA limbo since September of 09. Please, please help.
  3. Well, first read that thread talking about troubleshooting boot issues.

    You've basically replaced every single part except for the case. I guess try breadboarding it and see if that works, if it does use it like that until you get a new one. You could also try booting it without everything except for the CPU attached, and it should complain about no RAM, then add RAM in every configuration and see if it ever boots.
  4. I don't really have the materials or the knowledge to breadboard it, I didn't know what breadboards were untill I googled them a few minutes ago. I have four slots for RAM, and they usually go in slots one and three, but the color coding is different. Instead of blue, white, blue, white, it's blue, blue, white, white. So I figured I put the RAM in the first two slots. Is this wrong? Could this be my problem? would it not start if the RAM was configured wrong? But on second though I tried booting up with one stick of RAM in several times and nothing happened. Tried what you said with just the CPU, and still nothing happened. Hard drives don't turn, not a single fan even begins to spin. Already checked the thread about boot issues and havn't really gotten anywhere with that either.
  5. Well the thing is, you've already tested everything in there. Search the forum for the breadboarding thread. You basically just use an insulated and non-conductive surface (i.e. a breadboard or the cardboard motherboard's box) and build it outside of the case just to test that it runs.
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