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Not quite sure where to put it but here seem good enough

I'm looking to replace my old Gigabyte Aurora 3d case i picked up years ago for like 50 bucks anyways;

I'm looking for a roomy case that has great airflow (aren't we all), Anyways it has to have great airflow with realtivly low RPM fans ~1000 rpm fans (Also i would buy higher quality silent fans if possible and replace the ones on the case)

A full tower
At least 5 HDD bays(Thus why a said full tower)
Atleast 1 usb 2.0 port in the front
Plenty of clearance for long gpus
And have great air flow esp at the gpus
Cool>Silent but silent is nice

Spending limit is ~300 US(Why be cheap on a case when it's like a monitor and will last you more then several years)
The problem i face is that around my spending price all the cases look good

Cases i've taken a look at

Cool, quiet, roomy (basically what we are all looking for in a case)
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  1. I would definitely go with the HAF 932. The fans are huge and silent, and placed in optimal locations for high air flow. I've got one, and it's an amazing all around case. It has so much more than enough room, great cable management, and awesome looks.
  2. As amantonas, I've got the HAF 932. I like it, keeps everything cool. The only thing people seems complaining about is the lack of air filters on this unit.
    I would take an extra look at the Cosmos model though and see if it's worth the extra money.
  3. Antec 1200
  4. I might be inclined to the silverstone raven. I like their fortress midtowers which are very cool and quiet. Silverstones use positive air pressure which keeps out the dust.
  5. Corsair 800D Only 4 HDD bays but use a SSD and 4 HDDs :) Worth a look at anyways
  6. Antec 1200
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