How do I dissable programs from auto loading

I loaded Kodak easy share, but iu want it to stop launching everytime I start up my computer. How do I disable it and start it when I want to
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  1. Type msconfig in "search programs and files' dialog box and disable whatever ya don't like in the startup tab.

    Alternately, for a bit more elegant solution, download and install Mike Lin's Start Up Control panel
  2. If I recall correctly, Kodak Easy Share uses the Start Menu to Auto load.

    Just remove the Kodak Easy Share link from Start Menu > All Programs > Startup
  3. The Start Menu solution is deff better to try if its there.
    Its allot cleaner
  4. Use CCleaner, will show what is set to autorun and gives you the option to disable or delete and also cleans up your system of other rubbish and did I mention its free.
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