Raid Setup issues & NTLDR missing

Im using a k8nf6g-vsta motherboard, sempron 2600+ cpu, lite on dvd/rw (IDE) a western digital 160gb (IDE)Hdd ,768mb Ram and also a PCI IDE raid card since i only have one onboard IDE slot.

XP is setup on the drive, i had to do that on another pc, but in the pc it should be in it keeps saying NTLDR = missing when it starts up.
Now what i need to know is in what order should the boot be in bios and how should the raid be connected with the hdd and dvd do i need to change anything in bios for that or in the setup utility? also how to fix the ntldr i do have a floppy disk which i think has the fix on it that allows me to boot into windows but its all in foreign language which isnt really a problem i can get bootup options on screen. If i select normal mode that keeps asking for activation which i cant do over the net, because all other drivers havent been installed yet.
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  1. AFAIK, NTLDR is missing means you have to reinstall your OS. Have you tried setting up your RAID array through Windows setup?
  2. do u mean pressing f6 to load a 3rd party driver if so yes ,but nothing happened...still need to know if it matters which drive is on which cable do they still have to be both master and what boot order, i also don't know why i'd need to reinstall os i've only just done that anyway
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