Used size shown in hdd LESS than total folder size

Hi ppl,

I am having an unusual problem where the amount of used space in my C Drive (Windows 7) is LESS than the total amount of file sizes when I manually sum up the size of the folders inside the drive.

This occured only after i deleted the hiberfil.sys file via the cmd powercfg -f off.

FYI, I have also disabled system restore and tweaked my page file size to a constant 1000MB. I noticed this peculiar incident only AFTER the hyberfil.sys file was disabled.

I am currently using a SSD Corsair Force 3 90GB.

Any idea why this is happening? And which one is the true reflection of the used size?

Looking forward to some replies soon.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. is it close enough to be reounding errors?
    Did garbage collection and or trim kick in yet?

    Also, small files will take up a fixed amout of space regardless of how big they are.
    IE - a 1 byte file will take up the the whole sector (often 512 bytes) as the sector is the smallest unit the OS can assign to a file. a 4k file would take 8 secotrs, a 4.01k file would take up 9 sectors (4.5k). I'm not positive but windows might be calculating the used space and file space differently
  2. It started off to be about 3gig worth of difference. Through quite abit of installations I did yesterday, the difference seems to have gotten smaller to about 1.8gig currently.

    It seems that maybe the drive space indicator might be calculating the space erroneously.

    It still is peculiar because people always tend to be experiencing the reverse (files sizes much less than indicated used space). There hasnt been a report of this so far that I have managed to search in google.

    I will continue to monitor the usage over the next few days. Thanks for your response.

    Does anyone else have an opinion on this?
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