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what power supply of about 600 W is the best for this sytem?

Thank you
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  1. whats your budget
  2. here is a good one:
    expensive? yes!
    reliable for a ling time? heck yeah!
  3. Are the cables long enough to reach both hard disk and the graphics card?

    I am asking that because I bought one, media magic 700W, but cables weren´t long enough and it was too small to fit in the space where the old power supply was and of course the holes for the screws did not match at all.

    My budget is around 100 $.

    Thank you
  4. media magic=bleh!
  5. Antec EarthWatts EA650

    Free Shipping
  6. To the op: was the magic psu a standard atx psu the same hsape as the ones linked to by me and other(s) ? If so, im thinking u neex a slightly less standars psu unit. I think its actually a different form fCtor, where the psu is taller but narrower ... Plz clarify
  7. obsidian86 said:
    Antec EarthWatts EA650

    Free Shipping

    Thank you I thing i am going to buy this one.

    In spain I can buy one for 79 €.

    Thanks to everybody that has helped me
  8. the xps 420 uses standard atx power supplies
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