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I just recently bought a new PC from a friend of a friend who builds them. I got a AMD FX 8150 and used the regular stock fan that comes with it. The case is a Azza Spartan 102E Mid tower and it currently only has 2 fans on it, 3 fans with you count the CPU fan.

Now to me this just doesn't seem like it's enough, but then again I'm not sure cause I'm still learning about computers. My question is, should I stick with the stock cpu fan, go for a aftermarket one, or go with liquid cooling. I don't plan on overclocking at all either btw..
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    You mean just fan or entire cooler ?

    Well if you're not planning overclocking I think you'll be fine with the stock cooler if the temperatures are not too high and the fan isn't noisy.

    I always install other cpu cooler mainly because I do overclock and besides that I just like my pc to be quiet.
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