Need to change my motherboard

I have a Dell Dimension 200 series laying around. I want to upgrade the system to make it a bit powerful. Anyone know any good mobo swaps for this series ? If so, please let me know so I can start on the process.
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  1. I would recommend upgrading the whole system to Intel Core i5/i7 or AMD Phenom II CPUs because Pentium D CPUs are out of production and also there are much faster options available.
  2. Sorry it's a 2400 series, i missed the 4..
  3. @maziar : that would be too costly for me. I have a limited budget. Any other suggestion/good mobo that would fit the 2400 series box ? Lemme know the model number, i'll check and see if I can find one in used or something :). Thanks.
  4. Go to Dell's website and find out the board's specs and compatible processors, ram, etc. You may be able to just install a faster cpu and more ram. This is the cheapest way. Also, check on ebay or for older cpus. You will save a lot.
  5. ^^ yes i'll do that. Thanks.
  6. Can you post the current specs of your system ?
  7. Found this :

    It fits the 2400 series and looks pretty good to me.
  8. @maziar: it's got a 2.2 GHz processor and 384 mb of ram. Came with a 60 gig hdd. That's about it. No graphics card, just that intel chipset.
  9. That's a tough call - as old as the system is - and without a PCI-e slot to upgrade the video card - I can see where swapping the MOBO might be an option but even with that the CPU - Low amount of Memory - small HDD - etc. etc. really make spending any money on replacing the MOB kind of wasteful since you are then going to also need more RAM a faster CPU and a new video card to make any use of that new MOBO meaning your spending quite a bit of $ on what will then still be an obsolete and slower performing system!!

    Really think your best option is to save up some $ and just get a new system vs. spending the money to upgrade\fix that 1. To give you some idea here is an E-bay listing for a Dell Dimension 2400 with the 2.4Ghz. Celeron CPU with a buy it now price of $59 (+ $25 Shipping) and they can't even sell it !! ( LINKIE )

    And another with the P4 2.4 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM that will sell in the next 3 hours with a winning bid right now of $18 (+$22 Shipping) !! ( LINKIE )
  10. You're right but the thing is that I only need the mobo, the rest i'll buy slowly. I'm saving for it. But lets see, if I save enough for a new machine then why not ? Thanks ! :)
  11. Saving for a better system is the best choice,there is nothing much you can do with your current rig(it isn't worth the upgrade either)
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