Is there a way?

I have recently bought a GTX 260 oc and ime happy with the card but i also want ALL of its power and not just a limited ammount of it due to having to display everything else. and what i was wondering is well i have like 1 extra pcie16x (its a crossfire board) and like 2 pci slots and well is there a way i can install 2 video cards (my 260 and annother card) and they work together kind of like SLI but seprate.
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  1. If you add 260 they can work in SLI
    if you add another card, they won't work but they can serve you independently
    Make Sure your PSU can give enough power to 2nd card

  2. I think you missed the part where his board is a crossfire board.

    The only thing I can think of is you could add a 5870/5970 or what ever high end card and use the 260 for your dedicated physX card. It will mostly not be utilized, but it will make physX games perform very well.
  3. well the thing is i was thinking about just getting like annother nvidia card just to use it for like physx or shadows stuff like that.
  4. You could use a 2nd nvidia card as a physX card. Again, the physX card will only give you a benefit when you are running a program/game that uses physX.
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