Hi all of you ,

can i know how to unlock my fourth core if present in my processor and

does it may create the problem or not?

Secondly, how can i overclock without damage my cpu and what precautions should i take ??????????

please let me 2 know abt this one !!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK'S :bounce:
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  1. Well unlocking the core is simple but I dont think it will work with your motherboard I beleive you need a 790GX chipset your board has a 780. In the bios you have to find out if you have ACC.

    Overclocking is perfectly safe as long as you have proper cooling and have a firm understanding of what you are doing.
  2. BOSS now how is it done by software or from bios please elobarate ur last words
  3. The best way to overclock is via the Bios. But there are programs that can do it from windows but i wouldn't suggest using them.
  4. When you enter the bios go to the advanced tab then go to CPU configuration you will see Advanced Clock Calibration you want to enable it for all cores this will unlock the fourth core if it isnt defective. You migh have to add a little voltage to the vcore to keep it stable.

    To overclock go to JumperFree Configuration. Now you can overclock a few different ways in that bios you can set it to overclock profiles and pick a percentage of overclock you want this will probably be your easiest way to do it to start if you decide you want more and you have good cooling use use manual overclock. Set to manual and raise the CPU/HT clock and overclock that way but you will also have to raise the Vcore too. But since you sound like you dont know alot try the profiles first and see if they will run stable.
  5. Well sir ur true i didn't try to MESS with hardware part as im un experinced if i do so without knowledge it would give me a lot of damage

    now where can i find 'But since you sound like you dont know alot try the profiles first and see if they will run stable. "
  6. When you turn on your computer you will see a blue ASUS screen press delete to enter Bios and you will see a bunch of different settings go to the advanced section and do as I told you in my previous post.
  7. ct1615 said:
    not true, if set to "All" all the cores will be enabled good or not. "Auto" setting will enable all the good cores. I have an AMD x3 CPU with a bad core, I can still enable it, it just will crash the PC in any software test.

    Well I never had an x3 so I wouldn't know. Either way auto or enable all cores it will unlock the fourth core if its not defective you will have 4 cores if it is defective it will crash with it enabled.

  8. If you look at her member config you would know she already has it.
  9. They also posted on upgrading power supply too.
  10. ct1615 said:
    huntlock, do you plan to purchase this CPU or do you already own it?

    So true i already have my friend !!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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