Problem after SSD installaion

I just installed a new ocz vertex 3 120GB SSD on my system. While I originally had a 1TB hard drive, it now shows that I have 3 storages.
1, local disk C: 86.6GB free of 111GB
2, local disk D: 70.3MB free of 99.9MB
3, local disk E: 760GB free of 931GB

drive E is obviously the old 1TB drive, and C is the new SSD where I installed windows 7 on, but what is this D? It has absolutely nothing when I click it even thought it says 70.3MB free of 99.9MB

I'm so confused... o.O
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  1. Sounds like the reserved drive that windows 7 makes.
  2. In Win 7, you can confirm it's system reserved (won't have drive letter beside it though), right click my computer, select manage, select disk management, you will see it there. I'm surmising you are viewing drives via disk boot, thats why a drive letter appears with it.
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