Graphic Card Damaged or just not Updated ?

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I'm playing BF2 and all of a sudden all these half black half white box start poping up, and theres a lot of 'em. There start shoting about 10000 times per minute. Then it seems like my gun is melting, and sometimes it will stop and sometimes it will send me to the blue screen all fuzzed up and my computer is shut down to an unexpected error. I start up my computer and I get 4 options of why the error happened. 1 to do with 3rd party driver updates, and 3 to do with the graphic card and its driver update.

I've restored my computer I think. My pops did it for me. And i'm not that good with computer. So am I missing updated drivers since I restored my computer? Having a hard time when it comes to driver updates, not sure what to deleted what to update and other things.

But anyway this problem occured before even with an driver update for my gsu.

If you want the full story with the problem with my computer I could just copy and paste it from another forum I posted it on.
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  1. Heat issue. Use a program to monitor and log your temps while you play. Coem back and tell us the temps.

    GPU-Z and ATI Tools are both good. Google them both.
  2. Thanks for the website and responce.

    From GPU-Z

    GPU TEMP [DISPIO] = 58.0 On average
    GPU TEMP [MEMIO] = 68.0 On average
    GPU TEMP [ SHADCORE] = 60 On average

    They do go slightly lower and higher not playing. But I recently had updated my driver for my gpu and my game seemed to run normal. Today I run the game for 5 minutes and then come back and the computer is going all black and white black and white. But it didnt go into the blue screen. So really this computer is really f**king pissing me off, sorry for the language but I really don't know how to handle and troubleshoot with in depth pc issues. And i've been having issues for hte past month with this computer.
  3. Now im on AMD's website check if theres a new update for my driver and they dont even have my gc or does my gc fall into the 4800 series ?
  4. sometimes, the latest driver is not always the best for your card, if your card more stable with the older version then continue it...
    make sure you cleaned all the driver before u install the new one with Driver Sweeper...
    u can download it here:
  5. Thank you for the new source of information. Stuff like this helps me, other then researching I wouldn't know how to find out something like that. I knew there was something different with downloading drivers. But anyway i'll let this thread be updated with some reviews after doing that
  6. But does anyone know if those temperture or to high ? I'm not sure of what a cool temperture is to a hot one. And I do have a driver updated and it still does the millions box pop ups in different colours
  7. to check the temps you can use this:

    just check it and post again your temps when on full load... :)
  8. Ok, gotta rebump this thread.

    My gun is melting in my game,

    Blue Ghostly Fades.

    Black & White boxes shooting everywhere.

    I'm going to reinstall the program & check out the temperture's and someone this time tell me what my temp. should be and If there to high or something. Or could it just be a graphic card update problem.

    I'd this issue with the current driver I had the issue with both driver updates. But I don't understand how to get the original version of the driver.
  9. MY ATi Radeon GPU temps are at 58 C 58 C and 59 C
  10. It also stats that i've got two fans

    1 running at 1313 RPM
    1 running at 1588 RPM

    2 Fans enough ?

    I've got a pretty decently sized chassis. So i'm guessing one of the fan are my psu fan and my gsu fan ?
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