Just replaced my PSU now system keeps freezing

hello my problem is i had a 1000w xion PSU that died on me so i went to get a new one but could not spend that much money so i got an antek 750w and now my system keeps freezing when i play a game (star trek online) my system is custom build here is a list of parts

asus striker 2 extreme mobo
4 gig Patriot Viper DDR3 1333
intel qx9650 with Ultra ChillTEC Thermal Electric CPU Cooler
antek 750w PSU
1.5tb sata hard drive (storage) + a 250gb IDE hard drive (operating system )
nvidia gtx 260 896MB
cooler master HAF 932 full tower case
windows 7 x64 ultimate

the strange thing is it never froze b4 with the 1000w PSU

p.s. no overclocking i cranked it down to well below the stock speeds @2.66ghz and the voltage is set to auto
any clue ? maybe when the 1000w PSU went you think it might have broke something?
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  1. Its very possible when PSU fails they tend to take something else with it. Your power supply do you mean Antec? You listed Antek If it is indeed an antec it should have more then enough power to run your system.
  2. when i got home with the new PSU after i hooked it up i found out that one of my monitors (22") was not working either ?(i run dual monitors)
  3. +1 @SAAIELLO. Antec = very good. Antek = cheap generic?
    Low-quality PSUs (like Xion) often take other parts with them when they croak. If you've lost one of your video outputs, odds are good that your video card is among the deceased.
  4. yea but im using it right now only played star trek online have not tried any other games (have all the new stuff) any suggestions on how to test my gpu/gpu memory?
  5. oh and i got the xion 8/24/2008
  6. Ok, Antec Truepower is an excellent PSU.
    If your second video port is dead, right there you know the GPU is damaged. Unless...have you tried switching monitors? I suppose it would be possible for the output to still be good, but the monitor to have been fried by a spike through it. Find out which of the two is actually not working.
  7. the port works fine just the monitor it self does not wor (no power at all)
  8. i mean work*
  9. i know its not the port because Ive got a CRT monitor in its place
  10. Well then, if your video card is working, perhaps just the monitor is dead. You can run memtest86+ to test your RAM,.
    Also look in your BIOS and make sure your RAM voltage is [still] set right.
  11. i put all voltages to auto and the multiplier is set to 8x(9.5stock)
  12. im running atitool v0.27 checking for stability will let it run overnight and see what i get then run prime95 could it be the latest update for star trek online or video drivers?
    cuz i have not tried any other games yet
  13. Well, see how your tests run, and then maybe try some other games.
  14. well i ran atitool for like 9 hrs with no errors about to try bioshock 2 and see if that freezes
  15. ok did some research and found out that 750w is the bear minimum with all my peripherals(hard drives dvd drives etc) i used this
    so i dis connected both of my dvd drives and now it has no froze (yet)
  16. I put in your specs on the exact same site and got 650W, and quite frankly I think even that is high. Such sites recommend such high-wattage units because they are trying to account for all the crap PSUs out there that aren't good for what's on their labels. With Antec, you won't have that problem; their labels are always under what they can actually produce.
  17. i have 3 hard drive and 2 dvd drives and the cooler master HAF 932 full tower case (witch has 5 fans 3 of them are huge 230mm) forgot to mention another hard drive (ssd running ubuntu) and well it seems to be working fine now since i unpluged my dvd drives
  18. p.s. i just need to last for about a month so i can spend like 400 bucks on a good 1000w or better but from what every one is saying ill probably get another antec with more watts or maybee a corsair dont know yet
  19. and i forgot to put the graphics card on x1 on that website it defaults to x0 i had to do it a few times to get it right
  20. are there any leaking capacitors on ur motherboard? check the ones around the cpu, they may have been damaged by the dying psu. in what way did the psu die? with a big bang or te psu just wouldnt turn on?
  21. not sure it died while i was at work
  22. hmmm...
  23. The Xion probably did some damage when it died.
  24. well like i said its working fine now that i unplugged my DVD drives must not be enough power
  25. i doubt it. maybe the drive(s) are damaged or the ide controller chip on the mobo is shot.
  26. i have 2 ide drives 1 250 gig hard drive (windows) 1 dvd drive
    and i have 3 SATA 1 1.5TB hard drive 1 60gig ssd hard drive and 1 dvd drive everything is working perfect now though except that i dont have any dvd drives hooked up
  27. Maybe one of them was killed. Disconnect some of your hard drives and connect one DVD at a time and see if a certain one being plugged in causes it not to work.
  28. ok
  29. i unpluged my ssd drive and pluged in my sata dvd and it runs fine tomorrow im going to unplug the sata dvd and try the IDE dvd drive
  30. ok idid all that and no problems
  31. And if they're all plugged in? Maybe you've got some flaky connectors?
  32. im just waiting to get this :

    have to wait about a month
  33. cuz with everything plugged in it runs good but when i put a long load on it,it freezes
  34. im quite sure its insufficient power
  35. my cpu cooler also has a molex power connector for the thermo-electric thing
  36. That's a monster of a PSU; seems very unlikely you'd need that much power.
  37. davedumas0 said:
    im quite sure its insufficient power
    Not even close.
  38. delluser1 said:
    Not even close.

    are u in agreement with me?
  39. davedumas0 said:
    are u in agreement with me?

  40. so what do u think is the problem my system IS a power house 3 hard drives 2 dvd drives a TV card (hauppauge 1600) thermo-electric cpu cooler 3 230mm case fans 1 130mm case fan 4 usb devices (keyboard mouse tv remote control touch screen)
    and i run dual monitors
  41. davedumas0 said:
    so what do u think is the problem my system IS a power house 3 hard drives 2 dvd drives a TV card (hauppauge 1600) thermo-electric cpu cooler 3 230mm case fans 1 130mm case fan 4 usb devices (keyboard mouse tv remote control touch screen)
    and i run dual monitors

    Don't know

    Q9650 @ 4.05 1.34v
    2x2 DDR 1066 2.1v
    GTX260 OC
    3 harddrives
    1 DVDRW
    1 multicard reader / floppy drive combo
    1 multicard reader
    4 CCL's
    3 x 120 mm fans
    2 x 120 mm LED fans
    3 x 80 mm LED fans
    70mm and 50 mm chipset fans
    Sound card
    Lighted fan controller
    Thermal sensor
    LED CCL switches
    Asus LED Poster
    Logitech G15 / MX518

    I've only ever been able to put a 51% load on my Antec 750 with the above configuration ( stressing with Prime95 and Furmark ) , and have run the system with an Antec EA500 without issue.
    Even with the quasi TEC, your system isn't pulling more power than an Antec 750w can provide.
  42. mmmmmm
  43. Best answer
    When the Xion croaked, it probably took part of your mobo with it.
  44. That haS been said several times but the op refuses to accept it.
  45. well i rechecked all my connections and the mobo power was not seated all the way going to test again tomorrow
  46. i pluged everything back in and played the game and it froze so i disconnected my ssd drive (ubuntu) and 1 dvd drive (both sata) and going to try again
  47. Well if you persist with the overload you can get this:
    Don't think it's a bad PSU unless I'm wrong.
  48. well its all running fine with 2 devices unplugged and it does not seem to matter witch ones so whats you professional opinion?
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