Trying to OC my processer. Any help is Appreciated!

First of all thank you for taking the time to look into my post. Basically I am looking to optimize my pc as much as I can to run gw2 without having such a drastic drop in my FPS during combat and group quests. These are my current specs:

q660 quad core 2.4 ghz (overclocked to 2.6: read below for comment on this)
nvidia evga gtx 670 overclocked edition
P5N-D mobo
4 gigs of ddr2 mushkin ram at 800mhz speed
750w coolmaster power supply
Corsair h100 water cooling

I have tried overclocking my CPU as much as i can but it keeps failing. I have a funny feeling its my RAM because the timings changed drastically by just increasing it 5% from 2.4ghz to 2.6ghz. When I am in combat in gw2 or group quests my frames goes from 35-40 to 15-25ish on average. The screen isn't choppy or anything but it generally feels slower for the time being. I have a feeling I need to change my RAM and possibly my mobo to OC my processer to get respectable speeds of 3.0ghz minimal. My buddy has the same chipset with a diff mobo and ocz ram 10xxish mhz and he overclocked his sytem to 3.5ghz easily without any water cooling. Does anybody have some suggestions on what I can do? My mobo is ddr2 comptable but i am willing to upgrade my mobo and ram if necessary.

I am basically looking to overclock my CPU until i buy a new pc which will be sometime late next year. I have never overclocked my current cpu but I have read/heard that it is an excellent CPU to overclock.

p.s I did tinker around with the ram speeds and voltage and read on the forums settings people used but no luck. I assume my ram is the biggest factor due to the 5% increase and my ram speeds basically slowing down big time I believe the final timing was 34. I would post specifics but i am at work so sorry about that. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

**I would like to add currently I am playing on max settings with shaders turned to medium and terrain distance on medium..not sure if that helps but its the settings i am playing on**

Thanks again: John
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More about trying processer appreciated
  1. What BIOS settings are you attempting?
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