BSOD After Heatsink Swap-Out

BSOD after heatsink swap-out.

So my PC (Abit vi7 / Pentium 4 ) was operating fine, except for my CPU fan. It was way TOO loud. I bought a quieter upgrade. Then I was a total fool - unplugged the fan power cable, unclipped the heatsink, and pulled the unit straight up! To my suprise, the CPU was still stuck to the bottom of the heatsink! Forgot to twist and pull... uggghhh.

After CPU was cleaned, bent pins straightened, and thermal paste removed from pins, I get a nasty c000021a BSOD error permanently. Cannot Safe mode, cannot go to last configuration that worked, cannot even launch Windows from a DVD to perform a repair (gets through loading files, starts Windows, then BSOD again).

What's the consensus (apart from the stupidity of the typist) - replace the Pentium 4 or is the mobo damaged?
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  1. sounds like a upgrade to me..the price of being careless
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