12GB - 6 sticks of 2GB or 3 sticks of 4GB

Other than being able to expand later to 24 GB are there any other benefits to 3 sticks of memory instead of 6?
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    Not much,another benefit is that if you want to OC,having lower sticks is better.
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    Aside from upgrading later/better OC'ng potential,there aren't any other differences.
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    the number of sticks makes no difference, assuming they are still in tri-channel mode. a lower number allows you to drop in more, but other than that is no advantage.
  5. Sorry about that..... thanks for the info.

    If I drop in another 12 gb ram then I take it that it just needs to be same brand, specs and the serial number dont have to be in sequense? I was never sure if that mattered.
  6. Yes its recommended to purchase the same brand(with the same specs)
  7. recommended, but not entirely necessary.

    you can have compatibility issues, so its best to get the same stick when you can. my HTPC is currently running 4 1gb sticks, all different brands/freqs/timings. just recycled old parts, and it runs like a charm.

    but to avoid issue, use similar sticks where possible.
  8. Thank you....I wasnt sure if I should buy 6 4gb sticks all at one time or if I could wait. I dont have enough money for 24 gb yet and dont want to wait either. It looks like I dont have to wait so I'm happy......thanks again
  9. do you do CAD? or some other RAM heavy task?

    Its just that 12gb is a HUGE amount of RAM. there are few places where more than that would be needed.
  10. For most tasks,4GB suffices.I recommend 8GB only for heavy image/video editing or rendering.I don't you'll need more than 8GB in any game/app
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