I5 Overclocking Temps, help?

I changed the turbo in my bios and used OCCT to record the highest temp under 100% load. I watched the highest temp core for 5 min. Some were tested multiple times.
i5-3750k w. Hyper 212 Evo.


It was weird one time I tested 4.5 and got 93 as my highest temp, then redid it and got 85 max as highest temp...
But I did test 4.4 three times (reloading the bios and changing three times) and got 85 on one test and 90 on the other 2

My comp build is a few days old, havent played any intensive game for hours yet, I've heard thermal paste needs time to activate to its peak preformance... so should I expect that?
Ive read the Noctura keeps the cpu 6-8C cooler than the Evo, but at these ranges, would it be worth it in the future.

Also is there anything that looks weird or wrong? Ive heard there should be a sweet spot.

ALSOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! should I have the turbo oc or the base clock oc.. or both?
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  1. Not really, the 3750k is an hot chip...
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  3. You'll never see those temps in gaming cause you cpu won't be stressed that much.

    However, the temps shouldn't be that high, you need to check you installed the heatsink correctly, to do this you'll need to remove and re-apply thermal paste if you break the bond.

    The 3570K runs a little hotter than 2500K, but it's also faster clock for clock so you don't need to clock it so high.

    A 4.2ghz 3570K is as fast as a 4.5ghz 2500K.
  4. ok what i recommend you do is keep it at stock voltage, dont use turbo boost at all, its junk, put the voltage at offset +5 load line calibration at 50% or level 2 or level 3, turn off spread spectrum and follow a guide to find the other recommended settings, theres a good one on overclock.net ivy bridge normally runs hot and i recommened against anything above 85C you really dont need above 4ghz you wont notice it unless you're programming or doing some intense computing and playing games wont do that
  5. sorry I've left my cpu at 4.3 since.
    Is my cpu really running hotter than usual on stock clock?
    Is stock voltage = auto voltage? What is load line callibration.. etc.

    Il check into the guide when I get the time, thanks alot.
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