Acer Aspire T180 Kingston ram problem!!!

Hello, everyone
I bought 2x1 gb ram pc2-6400 kingston hyperx DDR2 a week ago and when I install them in my pc a1+b1...... my pc beeps when i try to turn it on.Means the rams stick dont work.

Crucial Scan showed that my pc (Acer aspire T180) support this kind of ram Pc2-5300, 6400 , 8500.That directly convinced me to buy them from newegg. Now i have those ram and I hope it is compatible with my computer because I wasted 70$ for these... The sticks are new everything looks fine but my pc dont detect them. Do you think i need update or something...dont tell me the stick may be broken or are you sure you inserted them correctly or bla bla bla give me your professional opinion

Thanks..Joe Reply to me if you need more information
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  1. Have you tried taking out the previous ram out? may be an incompatibility problem with the installed ram. also, i remember the original ram was installed in slots 3 and 4 insead of 1 and 2.
  2. i just installed 2x 1gb lexar ddr2 8500 (future shop 49.95 for the pair) in my t180 worked perfectly and reinstalled win 7 64 bit and is working fine
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