Will these work together?

Hey all. Will a ASUS M4A79XTD EVO and F3-12800CL8T-6GBRM work together or not.I had a buddy that I got these from but my concern is that from what I can tell the memory is for intel stuff not amd.I f they do work what are the right voltage and timing settings and what would the lowere clocked settings be if they give me any trouble.Thanks for your help. :heink:
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  1. doesn't look like it is supported. here is the list of all supported mobos:

  2. They should work fine, though I would recommend that you use only two of them. It's beneficial that you only use one channel if you can. The right voltage is 1.6 for these and you shouldn't worry about timings and frequencies. The frequency is adjusted to wether you overclock your processor or not since the memory lane goes through the CPU lane. If you don't overclock they will automatically adjust the frequency. Anyway the timings for these are 8-8-8-24.

    Anyway, if it doesn't work with that motherboard (apparently the website specifies only x58 but I would still give it a shot if you already got them), the worst thing that can happen is that they burn a little, happened to me once, no biggie ;)
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