AMD Phenom ii x4 955 Non-Black

Looking for an AMD Phenom II x4 955 Non-Black processor. I can only find a Black Edition one. As i understand, the black one comes without a fan and it's created for overclocking? And it also costs more? But I'm not going to overclock. I want a simpe non-black, cheaper CPU with a normal fan. Where can I find it?
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  1. The 955 only comes in a Black Edition. You could get the 945 which isn't a BE and runs at 3.0ghz, instead of 3.2ghz, but if newegg prices are typical you would only save $9 over the 955BE. All AMD retail boxed CPUs come with a heatsink and fan.
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    Hi, except for that you can modify the multiple in the bios, the black editions are exactly the same as the normal versions... As previous posters have pointed out, the 955 is only sold as a black edition and it comes with a heatsink and fan... Go for it mate, black edition or not doesn't really matter if you are not planning to overclock...
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