Cant play high resolutiion video

hi a having a serious problem ..whenver i m trying to play one of my high resolution vider the monitor getting black screned 4 few seconds and then when it appers the pixels of my pc is automatically gettin changed...andthere is a graphical error coming..its showing an option tht ialmrnt5 display drivers is stopp working normally...thn i have to rebbot it to restore previous do i get rid of these...pls suggest me
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  1. whats your video card?
  2. And if you dont have one It sounds like you need to buy a video card.

    An HD 4350 ($20-30)would be an excellent choice to make your PC play videos smoothly.
  3. well i never had ne video card but still it was running normally.....only a few days ago it started doing i really need a video card??
  4. Can you post your system information for us please? In particular your model number, graphics, motherboard, screen resolution, processor, and ram.

    It could be a problem, or it could just be that newer high resolution videos are more than your computer can handle easily. (Even if you do have a driver issue or something it might be worth it to just upgrade your graphics for $20 and hurdle the problem.)
  5. you have to have a video card...
    yours just must be "onboard"
    but ya we need system information
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