What is the best switch ???

Dear Friends
I wish u r all in very good health ..... I want to take your opinion about something .. My company will buy some managable

switches .... I want to know how to arrange the following products from the best to the worest and if i want to give them

marks from 100 , can you help me ???

The products are:




========>HP ProCurve Switch 2610-24




========>DES-3528/E & DES-3028/E





Thanks in advance
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  1. Cisco is top grade but very expensive. I worked with HP at my last job and they were very nice to. The rest I wouldn't know for managed switches other than Linksys is part of Cisco, but the lower soho grade.
  2. What kind of experience and personnel do you have aboard. I work with cisco equipment and it is unmatched in its superiority but its superiority comes from its complexity. do you have any specific needs of this switch and what is your budget. A switch is not just a switch, some can fine tune its services more than others.
  3. Dear Friends
    Thanks to all of u for ur care

    My case is that i working at company and we have bid requiring managable switches .... The companies offer the switches that i listed .... In our bid, their is degree on the reputation of the device .... Thats why i want u to help me ranking those switches according to reputation of the vendor and performance of the switch
  4. ranked 1- 6 1 being the best

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