What are the differences between manufacturers for the Radeon HD 5850?

So many manufacturers, so few indications of what each one is bringing to the table. What's the skinny on the manufacturers of the 5850? Does one have special problems, does another cut features? I want to buy this card, but I need to know which card to buy. Please help a fellow nerd in need.
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  1. The difference lies mostly in warranty. Most all the new cards are reference design.
  2. If u aren't planning to upgrade your card again in the future then the XFX maybe a good choice because it's offer u longer warranty..
    SAPPHIRE is a good brand too because it's cooler.
    And i have 3 HIS cards and never had a problem... :)

    Basically they perform nearly the same, as rolli59 said: Most all the new cards are reference design.
    It's up to u, masteraaron... :D
  3. Ignore okini55, nothing wrong with Sapphire GPUs, I own their 5850 and their X1900 and no problems. There are some minor difference besides the warranties as rolli59 pointed out (e.g., Sapphire asks you to send it back to the place of purchase for RMA) for example, ASUS has the power connectors on the top of the GPU while Sapphire has it on the side, which can make installing slightly more difficult in smaller/cramped cases.
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