lately my copmuter has been acting up. i built it maybe 1.5 months ago. till maybe a week ago it was fine, but now my ps2 mouse doesnt work all the time, and sometimes goes mad and clicks random things by itself...
c2d 6600 2.4ghz
biostar p4m890-m7-pci-e
wd 250gb sata --smart status estimated fitness 86% (speedfan indepth online analysis)...
1gb pc2-4200 samsung ram
ultra 550w
ata zip, ata cd

i have tried 2 different mice...
i use an ancient belkin 4-port KVM switch...
now i use a crappy wireless usb mouse when my normal mouse doesnt work...its a really lousy mouse, that wireless one...
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  1. Well if different mice work, then you know what the problem is. That mouse.
  2. no i mean the usb mouse works, but the original ps2 mouse and another known working mouse were tried. still erratic behaivor
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