I5-2500k first time overclocking, help please

This is what I am running:
Intel i5-2500k
asus z77 sabertooth motherboard
16 GB of 1600 ram
h100 liquid cooling system (plus 3 front,2 back and 1 top fan)
700w corsair power supply
gtx 670 graphics card
Can someone please give me a step by step of how to overclock my comp and just how far I could safely overclock this?
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More about 2500k time overclocking please
  1. You can overclock it in 2 ways. In the bios or using AI Suite II (which you should have installed with your sabertooth driver and software DVD)

    to use AI Suite II (which is the simpler method)
    1) Open AI Suite II -> Click Auto Tuning
    2) You can do the Auto Tuning which will automatically overclock your CPU, RAM and GPU until it can't do no more but you can stop it at a certain level if you want. However, I won't recommend this. Just go to MANUAL MODE
    3) Under manual mode, click the CPU RATIO tab.
    4) You would see 4 test tube looking icons that represent the cores. Drag the slider up or down to your desired clockspeed. I OCed my i5-2500k to 4.0Ghz. With H100 you should be able to do 4.5Ghz without heat issues.

    For the bios method, wait I'll just reply it later.

    Note: I did the Auto Tuning once and OCed my i5-2500k to 4.8Ghz

    ran prime95 (a stress test program that will determine if your OC is stable) for 21 minutes.
  2. Yeah and look at your voltages, 1.48V. :non:
  3. amuffin said:
    Yeah and look at your voltages, 1.48V. :non:

    yep i know. that's how far my OC can go. like I said, I only OCed my i5-2500k to 4.0 today. that 4.8Ghz OC was a test :D
  4. How far do you want to push your CPU ?

    I have my 2500k (running with P67 pro3) Oc'ed to 4ghz (for now) and my voltage is 1,232V-1,24V with temperatures max 70st after running prime95 blend test for 7hours. I really recommend oc'ing in bios, I just don't trust programs. If you want I can post you some screens with my settings.
  5. I OCed mine in the bios as well. Asus AI Suite II works just fine and it's included in any Asus Z77 motherboard driver and installer DVD. Overclocking in the bios is kinda lengthy to explain and demonstrate here. You really need someone to teach you personally, how to run different tests, what crashes mean and so on. 4.0Ghz is pretty light for i5-2500k and the z77 chipset handles it very well.

    Mine's @ 4.0Ghz. 1.2 - 1.24 V. 53C on full load using Corsair H50 (push/pull config)

    It think it depends on what he would be playing or running. If it's just gaming, 4.0Ghz is more than enough.
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