Removing backplate for heatsink on a IPIBL-LB

Hello. I decided to replace my HP a6400f motherboard IPIBL-LB Benicia GL8E made by Asus. The motherboard I ordered through ebay doesn't have a back metal plate to screw on the heat sink. I have no idea on how to remove the backplate on the older motherboard. It looks like it is glued on. I don't understand why this backplate is not part of the motherboard I ordered. Hopefully there is some trick to removing this back plate. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thank you

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  1. You do have to forcibly remove the metal plate underneath the motherboard with a screwdriver, prying on all four sides a little at a time. Luckily it was able to still stick once you aligned the metal plate with the four holes underneath; it was enough to hold it till you inserted the motherboard in the case. I have to say what a goofy way of placing a heat sink on a motherboard.
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