Replaced Motherboard cannot start Vista

Here's what has happened and what I have done so far: Away from home a couple weeks; pc came on but then froze and crashed. Tried to reboot; power to fans, power to dvd roms, power lights on, but no hdd or monitor activity. Checked monitor with another pc--monitor was fine. Did some research on the web, decided to replace my MB with the exact same one as factory install. Installed new MB; power to all components; Vista began to load and crashes before loading. Ran recovery manager; memory/cpu tests w/PC doctor. Results were all good except for memory "Advanced Pattern Test: Failed". Did more research to learn that this test is only done in extended memory: don't know if that means it's the motherboard, processor, or RAM causing the error. Tried to use factory recovery discs; error message "cannot use recovery discs with this configuration". HELP! I'm so close!
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  1. Forgot to post specs:
    HP m9000t
    Windows Vista 32
    MB: ASUS IPIBL-LA (HP P/N 5189)
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Download and use memtest86+ or test stick by stick and with that u can know the defective RAM stick.
  3. Hi Saint19,
    First and foremost, thank you for your is very much appreciated!

    So, according to your reply, am I to assume that extended memory is in the RAM? Perhaps you thought I was referring to expanded memory?

    One troubleshoot I tried was I removed my RAM sticks one at a time and the problem remained regardless of the stick and/or sticks that remained slotted.

    On another note, I read somewhere that on a DDR board, the color slots had to house the same type of RAM, which was not a problem for me since they are all the same make, model, and size. Regardless, I tried it also by pairing the RAM sticks by color slots, two at a time, and still the same issue arose.

    I will still look into memtest86+, because I am willing to try anything, however, I suspect that it is not in the RAM. I would really like to know more about extended memory and where that is physically located. Perhaps I am in over my head! :pt1cable:

    Again, thank you...I will keep posting my progress.
  4. Okay...I ran memtest86+ for 7 passes and the result showed no errors. I am at a complete loss! I already backed-up my hdd and am not worried at all about losing data. Is it possible that a complete wipe of vista and clean install will work? I wonder if the odds are worth the purchase of a clean install OS?
  5. Test the rig with only one stick of RAM in all slots and after that test the rig with two sticks in all slots too.
  6. Okay...will do, but just to be clear...I will run memtest with one stick in one slot, then the next, and so on, until I've run it in all four slots; Then test with two at a time? I think I'm following...
    will report back.
    Thank you for your time!
  7. ^Yeah u get the idea since could be the RAM slots of the mobo and not the RAM.
  8. :cry: No luck. Ran memtest as instructed and kept getting the same result --"no errors found press esc to exit". Ran 3-4 passes each slot. Do you recommend running more than that?
  9. Uhmmm. Crap I forgot the 1st question. Do u re-install Windows after the mobo change?
  10. I reinstalled from the restore partition. Still won't load. Can't reinstall from recovery discs since the mobo had a different "Build ID" than the discs. :fou: HP! Arrrrggh!
  11. Do u have the legal key?
  12. Could try giving HP support a call and explain the problem and they should help you recover the system. (they will either tell you what you need to do or give you a new key if needed)
  13. Best answer
    The same key should works but not with the same CD since this only works with the original mobo. Get a borrow CD of the same copy that u currently have and install the OS with your own key.
  14. Thank you guys. I will give HP a call (reluctantly). I have not found the OS key anywhere in my docs that came with the pc or on the pc, so I will have to see what can be done. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your input and help through all this. I will be sure to post the outcome--good or bad. You've been great!
  15. Are your sure that the rig don't have a sticker with the licence key?
  16. sheepish grin smiley here, huh?...I need one now....
    Yes, I found it! But for my pride's sake, may I mention that it was very, very small and an almost unrecognizable little sticker on the side of the panel leaning against my t.v. stand? ahem...yes.
    So, I do have the Vista key...good! Relief. Now, I am borrowing an OEM clean install disc and hopefully will see results tonight. Fingers crossed.
    BTW, I did contact HP and you can imagine how helpful they were :sarcastic: . Well, I won't corporate bash here; that's a whole 'nother forum!
    Also, I was able to download an HP DMI Tattoo utility in hopes of changing the build id on my new mobo, but don't know how to use it, and it appears to be for the previous DOS-based O/S'es. I don't want to screw around too much. I'll try the clean install first, and keep progress posted.
    Thanks again! I hope someday to pay it forward.
  17. Ok, let me know how this works.
  18. :bounce: Successsssss~! The clean install worked. I guess I was making the issue much more complex than it really was! So, my first attempt at changing a motherboard worked! I'm rather proud of myself for that--even though I had to get elbow deep in there and learn a lot along the way. And, Malmental, good question...any windows o/s can be troublesome, but for Vista, I've got a working key. Besides, us amateurs just like to stick with what we know.

    Thanks again, guys. Learned a lot. :)
  19. Good for u, now enjoy the rig.
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