3570K 4.2 with just multiplier?

Hi, im getting my new build on Wednesdayand i want to oc my 3570K not much just up to 4.2Ghz. Is it safe to just increase the multyplier? im going to use an Arctic cooling freezer 13 pro and the coolermaster Haf x case as a matter of cooling. The reason i want to OC is because i dont want my 7950 OC edition to be bottlenecked.
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  1. You don't need to OC because your 7950 is not being bottlenecked.
  2. are you sure? i mean i want to play everything maxed out on 1920x1080 crysis 2 battlefield 3 batman arkham city and such, is it possible?
  3. Yes.

    Maybe not all of those games maxed out, but that's not the CPU that's the GPU.
  4. but still is it a safe overclock for just a multiplier jump? a more cpu realted game like gta iv or shogun can i just oc to see the difference tto 4.2? or i have to work with other setting to achieve that overclock
  5. Maybe.

    Every chip is different, you might have to mess with your voltages.
  6. My personal experience with the 3570k is 4.2ghz just fine with only the multiplier changed. Yours may very, my MB also quit working too soon for me to do heavy testing.
  7. you can do 4.2ghz on stock voltage with the i5 3570k easy, i tried it and ran gta 4. you technically dont need over 4ghz quad core for gaming anything above that is mostly for fun and to see how far you can go. just set offset to +0.05 and go look at an overclocking guide on overclock.net for the other recommended settings
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