Building file server with Freenas 8

I have some old hardware i plan on putting to use:

AMD Athlon LE-1660 2.8GHz
4 GB Ram
ATi Radeon HD 3200
Asus M3A78-EM

I was looking at FreeNas 8 since its so recommended.

I have 2 2TB hard drives and 1 3 TB hard drives i plan on putting into the system. I would prefer they show up as one big pool of data, like a JBOD setup.

This will be a file server serving mostly videos. Most videos are around 400mb on average size.

This will all be on a gigabit wired network if it matters.

FreeNas 8 will let me put it in a stripe setup so i can pool them togather as one big drive..

Just looking to see if anyone has had any positive experience with this or have any other software or suggestion on this setup.
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  1. I am looking at a similiar idea, how did you go with it?
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