Will a 9800GT fit my mobo - P5b - MX/WiFi-Ap

Will a 9800GT (PV-T98G-YNF3) fit my motherbaord Asus P5B MX/WiFi-Ap? I saw in the requirements somewhere - it stated that i needed a hybrid power mobo - is this true? I'm not sure if mine does? It also says its PCI Express 2.0 and my mobo manual says nothing about 2.0, just PCI Express.
These are my specs:
P5B MX/WiFi-Ap
Intel Pentium D processor 3.00Ghz x2
1Gb DDR2 533 RAM
450W PSU
I'm also not sure about the wattage requirements and the power connectors. I think it said something about having a 6pin power connector - i'm not sure if my mobo does - it might only have a 4 pin. But i'm new to hardware so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. It should be just fine. Usually there is an adapter for 4pin to six pin with the cards, but then again it looks to be the low power version from XFX so you might not need the external power connection.
  2. Yes it will work. I just looked and the card doesn't ask for a 6-pin power connector. Even if your power supply isnt great quality it should be capable of handling a 9800GT.

    Have you considered adding another gig of ram? If you could find this cheap your system could really use it.
  3. ^+1. the 9800gt will be a good upgrade but another gig of ram would do wonders two. the combination of those two upgrades and your system would be night and day better.
  4. Check the power consumption of the card during load.
    If it uses less than 75W you will be fine with your PCIe 1.0 slot.
    If it uses more than that, you will need a 150W PCIe 2.0 slot.

    Another option is to get a 9800GT with a 6 pin external power connector.
    This one will work on PCIe 1.0 slot and the extra power will be supplied by te PSU.
    I have a 8800GTS512 on P5B Deluxe and 25A @12V PSU and it works.
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