What are the advantages/ difference between N and G routers?

Hello all, I would like to thank you in advance for any time dedicated to my questions. My current set up is a TRENDnet tew-432brp wireless-G router connected to a broadband modem with a download speed of 1.5 mbps (from my ISP). From what I understand about a g and/or n router is the frequency they operate on are 2.4ghz and 5ghz respectively (affecting range). And the data transfer rate being up to 54 mbps and up to 300 mbps (affecting data transfer rates). My question is, why do I or anyone need a n-router, when in my area (Seattle)the fastest speed offered by my carrier is 20 mbps. Could I benefit from having a N- router. Am I undereducated in this subject? Other than a better range, for walls and obstacles why would any one need an N- router. Please, send me to school.

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    You've pretty much answered your own questions. Range.

    Speed: the 54mps (or the 108mbs of Super G) speeds are largely fictional -- you can halve them because it's a duplex system. Then there are losses due to receptiion and interference issues.

    Start with greater speed and maybe you'll end up with greater speed. And people don't just use networks for the internet.
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