When watching movies monitor goes off after 20 minutes

while watchin movies in my system after 20 minutes the monitor goes off.and when i move the mouse the display comes back.
Pls help
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  1. Hi alphi99, sounds like your monitor power settings are set to turn off display after 20 mins.

    Goto desktop and right-click mouse in free space, not on any icon and select personalize, then select screen saver. At the bottom of scree saver settings window is power management option, click here then in next window select change when display turns off.

    Even though you are watching a movie, some media players do not seem to stop the PC from thinking their is no user activity, so the display shuts down as specified in the power management options.

    Hope this helps, let us know how you get on, goo luck :-)
  2. thanks buddy for replying.let me implement this .
  3. Pleasure :-)
  4. hey buddy,meanwhile can u pls solve my other problem which is posted under mobos section regardin 6 channel spdif output.stil i didnt got any idea for that
  5. Ok, hehehee, will have a look :-)
  6. which motherboard section alphi99 ?
  7. sorry, only one :-<
  8. my board is asus m4a88tdvevo ,when i connect my system to home theatre through optical audio cable,in sound settings it shows only 2 channel.and i require 6.pls help me buddy
  9. Ok, gonna have a look now, did we solve your other problem, if so lets close this thread and i will post on your motherboard thread.
  10. Hey alphi99, post the link of your post in the mobo section.

    Somewhere in there @illusio12, http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/forum-30-185.html
  11. @nikoor Cheers dude, found it eventually, and found a thread after search on googles here on Toms!!!

    have linked to it for alphi99, hope it helps.
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