80mm fan questions

I just picked up a lian li pc 75 case and 4 thermal take smart case fan IIs.

This case is massive and these fans are tiny...

At anything but the lowest setting (1500rpm I think ) the noise is unbearable. But at the lowest setting I can barely feel air being moved inside the case. ive checked my cpu (phenom x4, 9150e) temps with core temp and under load there hovering around 40c. and my gts 250 using riva tuner is around 50c.

my question is, are these fans enough at their lowest setting? I just cant get over the fact that it doesnt feel particularly windy in there.

BTW, nothing is overclocked and i have no intention of doing so.
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  1. You'll be fine. You can also swap out your fans for quieter ones if you like. Not sure which case you have but it's likely one of the older all aluminum designs. The case is good at radiating excess heat, and the airflow likely doesn't need to be huge.

  2. My ultimate plan is to pick up 6 silverstone fm81s, but thats a good month away before ill have the cheddar. Its probably all just in my head, this is the first time ive owned a case with fans this small.

    When i say there loud at anything above the lowest setting, i mean its like sitting in a windtunnel, so i hate having them turned up at all.
  3. Maybe I should have said, "I'm not familiar with the PC-70."

    Anyway here is some pics.

    If it were my case I would mod it for 120mm fans
  4. at the lowest setting these are 1300 rpm / 20.55 cfm. and cranked up their 4800 rpm/ 75.7cfm. Not exactly a slow spinning fan.

    Im not sure im articulating this properly. I guess my main question is, taking into account the size of the pc75, is 1300 rpm / 20.55 cfm adequate for the next month. Because these fans are unusable at any of the higher settings because of the noise.
  5. hahah that was the response i was dreading prox. :)
  6. oh, also, are cpu and gpu temps the only thing im really concerned with? The HDD is sitting directly in front of one of the fans so i dont think that really matters. Anything else in there I should have my eye on?
  7. drjones1 said:
    I just picked up a lian li pc 75 case and 4 thermal take smart case fan IIs.

    You'll be fine. I have some of those fans on my system, and they do a great job.

    Basically, at their lowest setting, they're like a normal case fan, and when you turn them up they're like a jet engine (and almost as loud as one). I've got a system that ordinarily would be expected to run fairly hot, and with the pair of smart case fans at lowest settings, it still doesn't budge off of the 30s even while playing Crysis for hours. They are more powerful than you think.
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