Building Web/storage server need help!

2 x Intel Xeon E5520

ASUS Z8PE-D18(ASMB4-IKVM) (Motherboard)

2 x WINTEC 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) ECC Registered (Total 24GB)

3ware 9650SE-16ML SGL PCI-Express x8 SATA II Controller Card

3ware BBU-MODULE-03 Battery Backup Unit for 3ware 9650SE SATA II HW RAID Controllers

16 x 2TB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive (Raid 10)

NORCO RPC-3216 3U Rackmount Server Case

My question is that I don't know which power supply to use ?
and also I'm thinking to use extra hard drive for Server OS

By the way I'm building website to stream movies analog to
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    ^ Frankly I dont know much about the Server components...but recently I was helping out a person building a workstation with the same Mobo and CPUs...So had gone through many sites about the info...And found out info about the PSUs...
    The PSU should have 2x 8Pin EPS 12V connector, which can be found in this PSU...
    As for quality, the above PSU is top-notch and that too with 80+ Silver rating...So it would be a very good option...

    And as for HDD, for a video streaming server, you would need a HDD with high I/O operations...The Velociraptors would be a good option...
  2. thank you gkay09 very helpful answer.

    I noticed PSU has 6 x SATA connectors , I'm going to have 16 Hard drives, I don't know maybe I sound stupid :D because it's my first time bulding server but if I buy sata connectors can I expand PSU to use it for more than 6 hard drives?
  3. PSU:
    iStarUSA 800W 3U Redundant Power Supply IS-800R3KP, RoHS, Active PFC, SATA Supports

    Redundant-PSU case Backplate:

    1 X 12V 4 pin to EPS 12V 8pin Converter Cable

    Rosewill 6" Molex 4pin Male to Two 15pin SATA Power Cable Model RC-6"-PW-4P-2SA - Retail

    Molex 4 Pin Y Adapter (molex splitter)
    to connect front fans

    Normally you don't put the OS on a separate hdd on a high-availability server -- you would want it on some kind of raid. Stick the OS with the other raid drives, but make sure that you put the OS in its own partition.

    Unless you are also going to be housing a large database on this machine, RAID 6 would be more appropriate (assuming the server's primary function is media streaming).
  4. thank you gkay09 and thank you very much vanekl you guys helped me a lot!

    This forum is great!
  5. And go with a redundant PSU only if you run critical apps and there should be NO downtime...
    Else stick with a non-redundant PSU like the one I had specified...

    And if you want to avoid using any power splitter, then you can take a look at this PSU - though it is costly but has all the required power connectors that you need - 2x 8PIN CPU power + 16 SATA power connectors and also it is modular...
  6. Just did a rough calculation for the power required for a similar config with say 16 HDDs and the value came above 750W... (Choose 25% capacitor aging)
    So it would be better if you get the above PSU - Enermax that I linked and also to have some headroom left...
  7. gkay09 you are great person, thank you.
  8. ^ Glad I could help...and also better safe than sorry...
    Initially I dint take into consideration the amount of power that 16 HDDs would actually pull...
    And also you can check for yourself...this is a direct link to the power calculator...
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