9800 GTX+ in SLi or 1 Radeon 4890?

Hi, I'm new to tom's and I'm in sort of a dilemma here.

I am building a new PC for playing games like ArmA 2 and Empire: Total War on max settings, but I can't decide which setup to get.

I have already bought an AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, with 4 GB OCZ Black Edition RAM, and a 700W OCZ PSU.

Which card setup should I get, and which would be faster and better?

2 EVGA 9800 GTX or 1 Sapphire 4890 OC'd? I'm not worried about which is cheaper I just want the faster setup, and 4890 crossfire is not an option.
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  1. The GTX+ setup will be faster where SLI is supported. I always prefer though single more powerful card, it is a simpler solution. If you already have one of the GTX+ cards then that could be a better option.
  2. Rolli brings up a good question; Do you already own a GTX or are you considering purchasing two? I would not purchase two 9800GTXs, however if you already have one this seems like a good way to maximize performance for not too much money.
  3. I prefer a single card solution. Less headaches that way. So I am biased towards the (1) 4890. Maybe crossfire another 4890 down the road??
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