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8800 Freezing and artifacting, with lock up and alien words on boot

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March 23, 2010 11:53:06 PM


Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
CPU- 3.0ghz Intel Duo Core Wolfdale E8400
HD- 1x 7200RPM Caviar Blue WD 512gb, 1x 7200 Caviar Black WD 1TB
Memory- 2x 1gig G Skill DDR2
PCI slots - Sound Blaster Audio ZS, 1 ethernet card
Graphics card- EVGA 8800GT
ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED 110mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler
Windows Xp, newest drivers are installed for Graphics card.

My desktop used to only have the Caviar Blue WD 512gb. This is AFTER I installed the Caviar Black too, and Im wondering if it was graphics card or PSU.

MY 8800GT was working fine for 2 years until two weeks ago when I was playing a game and it artifacted and froze. Rebooted and then tried to play the game again. Same thing happened except this time the artifacts were permanent and showed during windows boot up and it would lockup and not load windows at all. Would display alien words during windows bootup.

I RMA'd that one and recieved a replacement. Installed the RMA'd card and was playing fine for like 3 hrs before it artifacted again and froze. My graphics card fan was running at 100% speed and the temp was around 70C. I wanted to see if it was my PSU and the new Caviar Black hd that was affecting it so I unplugged my Caviar Blue and only had the Caviar Black running and it still artifacted and froze. I checked the PSU calc on Newegg and the Lite edition on Extreme and it gave me estimates of 450W and 350W respectively.

I am starting my 2nd RMA now.

P.S. My card just locked up with alien words and artifacts while idle on the desktop...

I'm only suggesting that my PSU can be a problem because what are the chances that the RMA'd card would fail like this too? And how does the Watt work? My PSU is 450W and the card min req. are 400W does that mean 450-400=50W to run everything else and that is too little and thats why it kills my graphics card? I read on some sites they say ignore the Watts and look at the amps. The graphics card requires 26Amps on the +12V rail, my PSU booklet says the +12V rail supplies Max 33Amps, but additionally on the chart it also puts 396Watts next to that +12V rail 33amps. Does that mean that im only getting 396, which is -4 of what I actually need for my graphics card which is causing the problem? Lets say it is, but why would my graphics card cease to function now and ran perfectly fine for 2 yrs, maybe its the new caviar black HD i installed?
a b ) Power supply
March 24, 2010 2:11:33 AM

i think ur psu is fine...
the 8800s have problems, i think it has something to do with the die cracking, but dont quote me on that!
March 24, 2010 3:21:59 PM

HMMMM,,,, for what it is worth I had an Asus 8800gt with an Enermax 420w psu and it was not enough,,got a message from the gpu that I needed more power,complained that it was being starved etc,,,mind you I've still got the 420 but I am running an OCZ 600w psu,,no chance of there not being enough oompah now...:)