Did I fry my Bios??

Hello, I used the wrong environment when updating my bios to the new 5005 bios on my Asus M2NPV-VM mobo. I used the xp environment file instead of the DOS based file when I used the Asus EZ Flash 2 Bios Update utility it said it was fine as soon as I restarted system is dead black screen no read out. Did I fry my mobo's bios?? I saved the old bios on the hd and have the original on the cd but all I get is a black screen.
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  1. Asus has a crashfree bios recovery program on some of it's motherboard driver cd's, but I've never used it.
  2. Did you try resetting the BIOS with the jumper? Sometimes, that is all you need to do to get it to a least attempt to POST, if you can do that, then you have something to work with.
    If the BIOS is bad to the point that POST does not even begin, and your BIOS chip is not one that is removable, you will have to send the board back to ASUS to have it fixed.
  3. I kept at it untill I reset the BIOS. I was worried but it successfully updated to the 5005 bios that was expected. It was a fan fail alarm shutdown that it prevented to POST. Once I reset it POSTED and the error came up. I haven't flashed a BIOS in awhile and was very nervous and concerned and it seemed like that could of been the problem using the xp environment file instead of a dos based environment file but it seemed the Asus EZ Flash 2 Utility was made for it to be seamless and easy. Just thoughts and questions that come to mind when your mobo has no read out. So far so good I am hoping it will take my OCZ Reaper 4Gig 2X2Gig Dual Channel DDR2 1066 2.1 volt RAM with this new bios and my Phenom 2X4Quad Core CPU with Win7 64 Bit. Thanks for the suggestions and help.
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