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Need a HD for my newly built comp

So I'm looking for a good SATA hard drive for my new comp, im not talking SSD here just regular hard drive, I don't really have a spending limit, I just want somehting good that would fit with the rest.

Thanks for youre help !

Asus p8z68-v gen 3 Motherboard
i7 2600k Processor
2x4GB DDR3 Kingston RAM @ 1600 mhz
ATI HD radeon 5770 1GB DDR5
Cooler master 650W power supply
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  1. with price being no concern, why not go for a SSD? is space a concern?

    obviously i would suggest a SSD, anything less will bottleneck your system.
    if you're set against SSD for whatever reason then i'd suggest a 10k RPM WD raptor.
    if space is a concern and you want lots of it then i'd suggest a 3tb hitachi 7k3000.
  2. I will buy an SSD later on, right now im looking for a hard drive to start using this machine, space is not a concern. I feel like waiting a bit to get a bigger SSD....288 $ for the 10k RPM WD raptor is kind of expensive, if I had a budget of 150-200 $ for this hard drive would you suggest anything else ?
  3. spinning HDDs are expensive right now, it's not worth blowing $$ on one unless you *need* one. there's no better time to get a SSD instead of a HDD than right now.

    if you're set on getting a HDD as temporary solution, then minimize your losses and just get something small and cheap.
  4. I currently have a seagate baracuda 500GB from 3-4 years ago, would it make a difference buying a new HDD ?
  5. Like everyone said, please get a SSD. You have a kickass system already. It's best to have your operating system on a SSD for ultra speed so if you get one later you will have to reinstall Windows all over again. Think of the hours and GBs of Windows and MS Office Updates... the horror!!!

    You don't need one too big, just enough for an operating system and a few programs. At the rate of SSD price drops, it's really affordable now.
  6. if you've already got a perfectly fine HDD then use it, don't waste $$ on a HDD right now, they're 2-3 times as expensive as they should be.
  7. I've been running some samsung F3's (1TB) in raid 0 for about two years without issues. F4's (2Tb) in raid 1 as my data drives for about a year. Previously i was a Western Digital guy but I thought I'd give these a try .. and liked them. They are in all my systems currently. I just hoppe when the time comes, the warranty process will be as smooth and easy as WD's.

    On a side note, Today I came across an old post of mine on another thread where I posted that 1TB F3's were down to $45. LMAO
  8. Aight, you guys convinced me in buying an SSD since from my research, all the hdd are pretty expensive anyway. Would anyone have suggestions on wich SSD I should be looking at with this system, wich is SATA 3 ?

    Thanks again for youre help, really appreciated
  9. BTW I would be looking at something around 120-128 GB
  10. Intel SSD's worth the try ?
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    people's opinions vary.
    mine is get a crucial m4 (samsung and intel also make fine reliable SSDs), and at least steer away from OCZ.
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