Looking for specs on NVIDIA GeForce G211P

I am looking to get a new laptop and the Sony VIAO F series caught my eye. It come with the Core i7-720QM which is cool but the graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce G211P with 1GB VRAM. I did a Google search but that was not helpful.

The other laptop I am looking at has a Core 2 Duo with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 with 1GB VRAM.

Both laptops will come with a Blu-ray players so obviously I will be watching Blu-ray movies. I haven't done much gaming lately mostly because I don't have a system with a good gaming card in the first place.

Between the nvidia and ATI mentioned above which would be better for Blu-ray playback and for gaming?
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  1. for playing blue-ray it depends on your CPU not GPU.
    For gaming then i think both of them is not good for gaming, yes it can gaming but with medium setting or even lowest setting... :)
  2. I havent heard anything about a G211 either... however I would assume(and i know i shouldnt) that its a pretty low end card similar to a 210-otherwise it would have made more of a stir.

    If you are interested in a laptop with serious graphic capability you should shop for gaming laptops from companies like ASUS, or maybe the high end dells XPS/alienware.

    What exactly are you looking for in a laptop and at what price?
  3. It turns out they wrote the wrong model number on the website. Oh well stuff happens. The correct model number is for the 300 series.
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