Overclocking Phenon 955

Hello Everyone,

I know there are a few threads with people with the same CPU but I would just like some advice on my own thread if these all look fine to you guys!

Vcore really set at 1.425

Does the HT Link and bus speed look fine? all I did was up the voltage and change the multiplier!
It's been pretty stable playing a game for a couple of hours, I know it's not a proper stress test.. but temps pretty low below 50c like all the time.

Should I up the NB? or change anything else.. just some information because I'm new to this!
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  1. If it's stable, it's fine.

    I recommend that you disable All Spread Spectrums in Bios, So your FSB/HTlink/Clock Speed won't jump.
  2. Sorry to sound like an idiot but what is the names of the Spread Spectrums settings? or is it just one option? and my HT Link is only 2000, some people I seen who had same OC have 2600 HT Link is it better? or is mine wrong.

    Should I drop the vcore down you think?

    EDIT: Just tried finding spread spectrum, only one I could find was the SB7000 or something like that guessing it's south bridge? idk but it was already disabled.
  3. I found SB700 plus this thing called NB Power Management which is set to auto?
  4. not too affect with high htlink , high clock CPu and FSB also stable is absolutly .. you can drop vcore as long as stbale .. keep as posible with low vcore :)
  5. So your saying my HT Link is normal? can I raise it or will it give little to no performance boost!
  6. htlink normal .. you had BE cpu and if want little up performance just raise multi at 20x or above
  7. +1 to Heny--->Forget the HT and NB settings until you get the CPU stable...I would try multi at x20 and leave everything else alone until you get 4.0 GHz stable...vcore setting should be auto...reboot go into BIOS and see what Auto voltage the board is pushing to the CPU..Then lower the vcore until it becomes unstable...Then raise the vcore back up one increment...viola...Then you can worry about NB and HT...Also disable the spread spectrum settings and C1E and Cool and Quiet....After you have gained stability you can turn C1E and C-n-Q back on...When OCing the HT the performance gains are minimal....The NB OC will give you a noticable improvement in performance...All MOBO's are different so you will have to find the sweet spot for the NB...DO NOT EXCEED 1.35V ON THE NB ...I have mine set at 2800 MHz @ 1.21v
  8. My motherboard has like no spread spectrum settings that I can find (Gigabyte GA-MA780G-UD3H) and I've already disabled C1E & Cool and Quiet! :D I also read that HT link is not worth it and sometimes degrades performance so I will leave it stock.
    I have my CPU currently at 3.8ghz ran Prime95 for 8 hours last night no crash or errors or BSOD! So it's stable at 3.8ghz with my current Vcore setting.

    I've tried setting x20 to get 4.0ghz and for some reason it WILL NEVER be stable :( also for my ram settings I've set the speed, timings and voltages to EPP apparently it's the Ram's in-built overclocking profile. Seemed to boost my system up quite nice, but question is that messing with my OC?

    But yeah once I hit 4.0ghz which for some reason I don't think I'll ever hit :( then I will try OCing the NB to like 2.6 at least!
    I've noticed the setting CPU NB Frequency is set to Auto.. rather than x1, x2, x3, x4, x6 etc. etc. is this the setting that OC's the NB Freq? If so by setting it to auto while trying to hit the 4.0ghz? is this automatically overclocking the NB Freq aswell and casing my instability?

    My vcore is at 1.55 and still crashes at 20x200
  9. Okay so I'm using 3.8ghz again and it's stable.. also put CPU NB Freq to x13 which I'm pretty sure since I'm using 200 it will give me 13x200 = 2.6 for NB Freq?

    I just can't push to 4ghz it will just crash, bsod non-stop and I've tried as high as 1.55 vcore and still no go, tried putting ram back to 800 instead of 1066 and even tried 667 or whatever the lower setting is and no boot with all 3 ram settings.. but I've left the timings what they were in CPUZ each time.. could that be it?
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