Overclock failure on stock??

I have a new system with Asus P7P55D-E, Core i5 760 2.8Ghz, ATI 5850, 4 GB DDR3 kingston hyperx 1600mhz and a Coolermaster extreme power 600.

Everything is running at stock speed. During the post it is saying a Overclock failure and asking to change to default settings. It only happens when i turn on the computer after one or two days without using!!

I'm using the latest Bios.
Bios settings-
With XMP profile
CPU ratio-18
Speedstep tech-disabled
Vcore - 1.15 V
IMC voltage-1.30V
DRAM voltage-1.65V
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  1. Switch to a standard memory profile rather than XMP. Do the symptoms disappear?

    Do you have any software loaded that can OC the system? If so, remove it and see if the symptoms disappear.

    Do you unplug the system when not in use? If so, check/replace the CMOS battery.
  2. I changed everything to auto and ram is running at 1333 MHz now..will have to see if still the warning appears.
    computer didn't have any problem when i was using old bios and default settings... does bios update causes instability??
    i have Asus turbo v, Asus epu and t.probe installed and all runs at startup.

    if it is related to CMOS battery, then the whole bios settings would have gone, isn't it?

    Also my VGA LED or sometimes the Boot LED continuously lights up for sometime before post
  3. First off, since we have now reversed all the changes you made to BIOS, let's ignore lights and other stuff until/unless they reappear.

    Once this is running well, change ONLY the memory profile to XMP, and run this way for a while until you are CERTAIN it runs fine. If all is working well with default settings, this is the most likely source of the problem. You may need a voltage or other change, or your mobo may not tolerate the XMP settings. I'd rather not get into that and complicate matters until we are sure your kit runs well at REAL stock settings.

    Please ensure that the Asus software will not auto-OC or change your BIOS. Best to remove it for now, at least make CERTAIN it does not run at boot up, until you understand that clearly.

    Re your battery question . . . a solid "maybe" lol.
  4. While not the same CPU or motherboard, I have had a similar issue with my ASUS motherboard. The message would show every once in a while, and I would have to enter BIOS and chose Save and Exit to continue with my overclock settings, once the PC was started there were no problems at all, neither in games nor during stress testing with Prime95.
    What I found to be the only way to get rid of the once in a while failed post, was to increase vcore. I did this one step at a time and would then continue as usual.
    If at some point the message would show again, I would raise vcore one more step, save and continue. I did this until I reached a point where it was rock stable both once running, but also during post.
    This might be the same issue you are having.
  5. now everything is running under stock and no post failure. I deleted evry Asus things

    my cpu is fully prime95 stable even at 1.08V and IMC 1.13V. I'll try increasing vcore voltage.
  6. I'm still getting post failure when i increased cpu vcore.
    It only happens when running ram at 1600 mhz. Memtest passed, prime 95 4 hour passed and intel 20 burntests passed. So whats the problem?

    I think its VGA related because the LED always lights up but produces no beep sound
  7. Hmm you say you have everything set to auto. Check what your ram voltage and latencies are being set to, and then check the JDEC standard of the ram (use CPU-Z if they are not listed on the box in which you got the ram), if these do not match, enter the settings manually.
  8. it need 1.65 V for it to run @ 1600 Mhz, currently it is running at 1.46v and is stable. There is no change when running it at increased voltage. Ram timings are 9-9-9-27.

    This is my RAM:
  9. Use CPU-Z to check the JEDEC standard for voltage running the ram at whatever speed it is you have it set for currently, the failures may be cause by undervolting the ram, at least it is worth checking into so we can rule that out should it prove not to be the case.
  10. Here is what cpuz shows:

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    I think evrything is running according to JEDEC
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