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After upgrading from the ATI 48540 with a graphics index score of 7.3 To ATI's 5870 My graphics index score dropped to 6.0. Does anyone know why? Updated The Driver and catalyst.
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    This is because the new ATI cards all drop their clocks very low to save power and stay cool when they aren't used in 3D applications. The windows program to test your system doesn't increase the clocks to normal speeds.

    If you went to unneccessary lenghts to cause them to run at normal clocks, you'll find a score of ~7.8.

    You can confirm what I've said by opening up ATI Overdrive and watch the clocks stay at low speeds.
  2. thanks!
  3. Is there some type of special utility need to set the clocks @ normal clock speed? Does this void your warranty?
  4. Why care about your WEI? You don't play it, what difference does it make? Test with REAL programs that you actually play. That's the best way to tell how your new card is working. (You don't use a program to set the clock speeds, it happens automatically when you launch a 3d program.)
  5. RivaTuner and ATI Tools both allow you to change the clocks, but the downside is they will never drop down to the lower clocks to save energy and keep heat down. However, this is how I was able to score a 7.8.
  6. Yes, go to CCC & go into the OverDrive tab.
    Pushing the card to stock/3d won't void the warranty, however I'm not sure about beyond, different AIB's have different warranties.
  7. Hey bystander, RivaTuner does not seem to work with my card. It does not show the gpu in the customize screen when you attempt to set fan speeds. Is there some type of guide for what you did exactly?
  8. ATI Tool is what I used, and it stopped working as well. I think it stopped working right after a driver update as it did work the first time I used the same card with it.
  9. msi afterburner works! Funny thing happened though. After taking out my ssd and reloading my os on a different drive, my wie went back up to 7.8. I'm gonna hold on to this card (for 30 days) and see if Fry's gets the 5970's in. They should have received a shippment on the 5th. So, they are waiting as well.
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