Is pre installed thermal paste ok

I just got a AMD PhenomII x4 955 BE which I plan to overclock from 3.2 to 3.4 I have two heatsinks a stock one off a AMD FX 4-core 4.2GHz and a Thermaltake TR2-R1. The AMD has preinstalled thermal paste. Which one should I use and should I wipe off the thermal paste and add my own or will it be ok?
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  1. If you are talking aout the the stock 125w tdp cooler that has the heat pipes, I would go with that over the thermal take. If it's the 95w tdp cooler, (without heat pipes) The thermal take would probably do better.

    The stock paste that comes with the AMD coolers works, but if you have thermal paste that you trust, just remove the stock paste and apply what you have/trust.

    I would also watch the temps like a hawk with some good load testing. It's generally not a good idea to overclock with stock cooling, but you are just going for a very mild overclock, so maybe it will hold good temps.
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