Need Help with external hard drive please

Hello All
I am looking for an external hard drive around 500 gig, to back up some important data from my desktop and take it with me any suggestion as to an specific brand, I need to have it be fast in uploading as well as downloading.
I appreciate any and all help
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  1. Uploading/Downloading as referring to the drive's speed I assume. If you want your drive to be fast, you will want to get one with an external power supply (not only pulling power from the USB-port), as these drives tend to deliver more performance.

    For everything else, you could just google "external hard drive buying guide" and check for benchmarks and reviews. As well, you might want to consider a different connection than USB like eSATA, or USB 3.0 (depending on what your PC offers and the amount of flexibility you expect when plugging it into a friend's computer.

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