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I am working on a new development system for the house.

Current Development Environment: I can use SQL Server 2008 load a standard multi-tiered simple application in 2008 .Net then take a nap listen to my drives grind, make a sandwich then proceed very carefully; make a build; fire up some hand held emulators and poof. This is getting really old really fast. Not to mention XP Pro has to be patched, fiddled with, and beaten into submission with batch files that start and stop system processes depending on the 'thing' I want to work upon. Wont even mention what IIS does to it.

I have about $750-$850 for the budget within the next 30 days or so. This is what I was thinking.....

The only migrating device that will be used in the new build is an ASUS 25.5" LCD.

I will let all of you have a good laugh now; I run a Dell 993r, yep a PIII 933mhz with 512mb RAM, a GF FX5200. Anyways it runs, boots, writes software, etc; barely

From new egg I found the following:
Rosewill Destroyer black gaming ATX case $60
BFG Tech 550watt ( has proper ATX12V + EPS12V will plug into MB/stuff) $54.99
ASROCK P55 Pro $114.99
Intel Core i5-750 $199.99
G.Skill (2 x 2mb) (PN: ???-4GBNQ) $104.99
XFX HD-567X-YNFC (Radion HD 5760) $99.99
WD Caviar Blue 320GB SATA $47.99
And since morally I cannot use my companies MSDN subscription at home.
Win 7 64-bit for OEMs $139.99

Thats about $830 or so.

Final word I would like to virtualize a couple of other operating environments running concurrently; the reboot to the other O/S is fine and dandy until you want to send a packet to another computer.

I know I make no sense; but I have been a software engineer going on 30 years now.

Lost in the land of bits and bytes,
Tom Griffin, II
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  1. ^ Lolz it was nice reading that article I mean your requirements...
    And am too a software developer(.NET) but no where near to your experience though :P
    Now back to the system components that you have chosen...
    CPU - It is a very good option and also would be suitable as you want to virtualize...

    Mobo -
    You should check out the MSI - Has good features and is of better quality...
    MSI P55M-GD45 LGA 1156

    Even this mobo is a good option...
    Gigabyte UD2

    PSU - That BFG has the required power connectors but is low on efficiency and you can get better quality ones...
    Antec NEO 520W

    HDD - Get the newer Samsung F3 500GB drives...
    $7 more but you get a 500GB drive, which is faster and more efficient...

    CASE - I would prefer the Antec 300 Illusion for the same price...

    Hope these help...And if you can, add 4GB more RAM...My office's development m/c has 2GB RAM and opening about 2/3 Blend projects and a VS 2008, take up more than 2GB and a part of it is stored on the page file...so the extra RAM would help...
  2. I don't know that the 5670 is worth it right now. In DX10 games the 9800GT is both faster and cheaper. The more powerful 4850 can now be had for as little as $99 and for a little more you can go with a more powerful card like the 5750. If gaming is not your concern then a cheaper card like a Radeon 4670 would serve you just fine.

    I also recommend more RAM. If you want to run some VCs even 4GB can seem limiting. Go for 8GB
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