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Greetings and Happy New Year,

I am a film maker (shooting primarly on Canon 5D and likely Epic-X in the summer) trying to build a new workstation to replace my current one. Having said that, I have resisted posting in forums until I have exhausted my own research. However, I am sorta at a crossroads in regards to storage and would appreciate any recommendations/advice from the great minds here. My base budget is around $3500, as of right now these are the core items I currently am going with:

i7-2600k (the adobe forums suggested the 3930s but they are currently out of stock everywhere)
Z68 chipset
32Gb Ram 4 x 8Gb ddr3 1333 (assuming i can find 8gb sticks)
GTX580 (again the adobe forums suggested the 570, although I admit I do need to research why, however, this apprantly is much better than my original numbskull choice of the quadro 5000 )
STORAGE: my original plan is- 128Gb SSD for OS/Progs. 1TB 7200scratch/pagefile, 3x 1TB RAID5 projects/data

I use production premium cs5.5 mostly premiere and a lot of afterfx. The files are usually .h264 converted to the cineform codec, which makes the files huge, anywhere between 1-16Gb or more per.

Say, after hardware and software costs, I have around $1000 left for storage what would be the best route to go??? From my research online, the concensus seems to be that SSD's are not optimal to edit HD video and RAIDs are the way to go. If this is the case, based on my budget what RAID setup would yield the best performance?

How much faster/slower would a RAID 5 consisting of 3 1TB 7200 Sata 3 drives be over a RAID10 with 4 750Gb 7200Sata??? This is also assuming I would get a RAID controller as well. Any recommendations based on my $1k budget for storage??

And finally, would any decent HDD's (seagate Barracuda, WD black) work since I probably dont have the budget for enterprise drives???

MANY thanks in advance for your suggestions/advice.
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  1. Hey,

    I'm having similar questions considering Raid performance. You should be checking my thread from time to time.

  2. I've been following your thread occasionally plus others on an adobe forum (since my question is geared more towards video data/editing).

    What did you eventually decide on??? Are you actually using consumer drives or enterprise???

    Right now my budget can only afford about $1000 for storage so i was thinking about going with 4 500Gb WE4's in a RAID 3 (1 hot spare) w/ an Areca ARC 1213-4I controller.

    Any thoughts??? I was also considering a 4 500Gb RAID 5 and some people indicated the RAID 3 would be faster for my kind of useage.

    Please keep in mind that i am a rookie when it comes to RAID so everything im saying is based on research and not real world stuff. For example, I had to educate myself on "write-back cache" when you guys were talking about it in your thread.

    Having said that, based on what was discussed, since it does enhance performance dramatically i should definitely take the risk and enable it right?? And when you say data loss/corrupted during power outs/BSOD's, your taking about the current data transfers at that moment, and not the entire drive right??

    Thanks for any help boss.
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