I have a P5NSLI that has been working fine for over four years but suddenly quit. No post code at all. I tested the four 2gb memory sticks one at a time and tested voltages with a meter.

Interestingly enough when one of the memory sticks wasn't seated correctly I got a long and three short beeps... but nothing when the memory was reseated.

From what I am reading, the motherboard can be considered suspect.

What I want to do is to select a replacement that would allow me to continue to use the ddr667 memory and the CPU (Pentium 4 '630 SL7Z9') but am finding that could be a challenge.

I would hate to start over and purchase a complete 'bundle' if I didn't have to.

Guess five years is a long time in the pc hardware world... so what would you recommend that I do ?

The pc has been used as a 'Linux sandbox/workbench'... not mission critical, but a toy for learning.
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  1. computer geeks has an sli 775 board with ddr2 slots for around $50 plus shipping.
  2. Thanks for that advice - I'm always ready to consider a new vendor and this one looks cool.
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